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Bloomy ™

Bloomy ™ has been designed to fit any female body, from the youngest girls to older women.

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Bloomy ™ sizing has been designed to fit every woman's body perfectly.

You will surely find the right size for you!

We need to take care of our back as soon as possible. As you know, the spine is an integral part of our body and poor posture can negatively affect it. This is why you need to correct your posture so that you can perfectly align your spine.

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Bloomy ™ trains the upper back muscles to align the spine.

Muscle imbalances result from muscle weakness and tension. Proper use of Bloomy ™ can keep muscles in their normal healthy shape and achieve natural posture.

The concealer counteracts the tendencies to have a hunched back and hump. After prolonged use, the tension on the neck and shoulders tends to fade.

15 to 30 minutes of use a day can already bring big improvements, in no time.

Comfort is of the utmost importance. The elastic bands are very light so that you can keep it for a long time.

With the increasing number of people living in a sedentary work environment, posture and related problems are creating many complications. People are becoming aware and understand the importance of good posture and how it can affect the body and mind.

It is comfortable and made of high quality material to be worn comfortably under clothing.

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Improve physical appearance. Having an upright posture makes you taller and leaner.

It reduces physical fatigue and consequently increases energy.

Improve blood circulation. In addition to depriving the body of oxygen, the hunched posture hinders blood flow. Bloomy ™ allows for better blood flow and reduces the chances of heart disease.

Prevents headaches and neck pains.

Improve your overall mental health and stave off depression.

Eases numbness.

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Bloomy ™ can help you with back pain, neck and shoulder pain. People suffering from such problems should always wear it. It will help you develop good habits that are good for your well-being.

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It takes about 30 days to correct the posture. Wearing Bloomy ™ for a month can bring you great results. According to our research, it has been found that it takes 3 to 8 weeks to completely correct posture.

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Yes, Bloomy ™ can help you reduce neck and neck pain. Many times you get neck pain due to poor posture. So, if you correct your posture, the neck pain will also disappear. Helps reduce strain on shoulders and neck to eliminate all discomfort and pain.

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Postural correctors are devices aimed at improving the alignment of your body. Industry experts believe that with the help of a corrective brace it is possible to retrain the musculature of one's body. Our posture deteriorates with prolonged hours of sitting at a desk or activities that loosen muscle tone in the upper body. This leads to improper body alignment. Bloomy ™ works to improve alignment problems and helps strengthen the upper back muscles as well as have greater flexibility.

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The amount of time it takes to develop a healthy habit of proper bearing usually varies from person to person. However, you will need to wear it for as long as it takes to assume good posture.

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Bloomy ™ can be worn at any time and especially during those periods in which you are aware of maintaining an incorrect posture. That is, during office hours in front of the computer, at home while you look at the phone, while you cook, while you read, while you are cleaning the house and while you go for a walk.

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The results depend solely on the seriousness that a person devotes to correcting his posture. Generally, however, the first results are obtained after a month of continuous use of the Bloomy ™ postural corrector.

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It is not recommended to wear Bloomy ™ - Smart to sleep, as it may be a bit uncomfortable.

While Bloomy ™ - Full has been designed to be worn without problems even during the night!

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