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The purpose of these exercises is the elimination of pain and the recovery of normal neck movements. They are very simple exercises, which can be done safely at home.

Exercise 1

Sitting on a chair or stool, look straight ahead, relaxing completely.

Without moving the chin up or down, bring your head back as far as possible, also helping yourself with a push hands.

Hold this position for 1 -2 seconds, then return to the relaxation position.

It is necessary to perform a series of 10 movements, 6 or 8 times a day: during a normal day, you will therefore have to perform a series every 2 hours.

Exercise 2

This exercise must always be followed after exercise 1.

Extend the cervical spine as if you were looking at the ceiling, bringing it up back as much as possible. Then perform small rotations to the right and left, still keeping the head tilted back.

After running 5 or 6 rotations, return to the starting position. Perform 10 movements 6-8 times throughout the day.

Exercise 3

Lie on your back on a bed without a pillow, with your eyes facing the ceiling. Push your head back towards the mattress, always keeping your chin down and continuing to look at the ceiling.
Hold this position for 1
-2 seconds, then return to the position of relaxation.
Again, perform a series of 10 movements 6-8 times during one
day (one series approximately every 2 hours).

Exercise 4

Lie on your stomach on a bed, without a pillow, place your hand under your head. Glide with the body outside the bed , until the head and the side upper shoulders protrude from the bed.

At this point let your head lean back, braking with the hand to the nape of the neck. When you are at your peak of motion, remove your hand from behind your head and execute 5 or 6 small rotations left and right, trying to keep the neck as far back as possible.

Lift your head using the hand you placed behind your neck
To get back on the bed, keeping the hand behind the head glide slowly on the bed. Remain lying down for a few minutes.
This exercise must also be repeated
until 10 movements 6-8 times a day.

Exercise 5

Sitting on a chair, bend the neck, bringing the head towards the most painful side, without turning the head, bringing the ear towards the shoulder.

During the movement, the head must remain in retraction, i.e. with the chin as far back as possible.

You can also help with your hand, placing it on your head and slowly pulling towards the more painful side.

Maintain this position for 1 - 2 seconds , then return to the starting position.

Perform a series of 10 push-ups side 6-8 times in a day, once every 2 hours.

Exercise 6

Before performing this exercise repeat exercise 1.
Still sitting on a chair, turn your head as far as possible to the right and left,
also helping, if necessary, with your hands to slowly raise the rotation.

Perform 10 movements 6-8 times a day.

Exercise 7

Sitting on a chair, lean your head forward, bringing your chin closer to your chest. Put your right hands on your head, crossing your fingers and lightly pull your head towards your chest. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, then return your head to the starting position.

Perform 6-8 repetitions . After running this exercise, repeat exercises 1 and 2.

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